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The Mission of the college

The mission of the college is "Imparting quality based higher education without discrimination of caste, creed, color, religion & sex". It includes.

• To provide computer education in rural area students.
• To provide value based & job oriented education.
• To promote intellectual & cultural development of society.
• To use education as the device of the social change.

The college organizes various activities to raise awareness among the student regarding the social, cultural, political, & environmental realities of contemporary India.

The vision & mission are communicated to all the stakeholders by means of Management - Teachers Meeting, Principal – Student Meeting, Principal – Parent Meeting and through the organization of various events & activities.

The Vision of the college

Our Vision is much clear "Cultivation of Knowledge to Create Value Based Education".

• To inculcate the universal human values of education as upheld by "Shri Karmveer Dr. Mamasaheb Jagdale".
• To provide "Education to all".
• To promote & encourage

the study of basic and modern Computer and Management Science, computer technologies and even social knowledge domain.